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Managing your business is hard enough, let us help you manage your accounts.
We have a wide variety of accounts and products to help your business control and monitor cashflows. 

At F&M Bank, our goal is to help you:

  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Increase Income
  • Decrease Risk
  • Improve Operating Efficiencies and Controls

For more information and for product pricing, Call or email Bob Bandoli at 608-374-5523. 

Information Reporting Services: 

Free eBusiness Banking

Save time and money while feeling confident your information is secure with F & M Bank’s eBusiness Banking.  A convenient way to access your account information from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  eBusiness Banking brings all of your account information together through our easy-to-use online business banking portal:

  • Manage payments
  • Access Bill Pay
  • Originate ACH transactions
  • Monitor transaction activity
  • Make loan payments
  • Initiate stop payments
  • Initiate wire transfers

eBusiness Banking offers multi-factor authentication and token authentication, providing a high level of security and reliability.  Set up multiple users and manage the level of control they have, including accommodating, “dual signature required” transactions.

Free eStatements

Save time, fight clutter and reduce fraud by signing up for eStatements!  You no longer have to wait for your statements to arrive in the mail.  With eStatements, you’ll receive an e-mail notifications when your statement is available each month.  You’ll then be able to view your statement online in our safe, secure eBusiness Banking website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Export Transactions

Make account reconciliation easier by exporting your transactions into QuickBooks or another accounts receivable system.


Save time and money with our free NSF check recovery service.  A check recovery service that electronically represents returned checks with a 75-80% recovery rate at no cost to you.


Collection Services:

eBusiness Remote Deposit

Save time and eliminate trips to the bank. Remote deposit capture (RDC) allows you to deposit multiple checks right form your office.   RDC also provides you quicker access to your funds.  For added security, you can have multiple users with access with varying levels of authority.  

Merchant Services

Attract more clients and eliminating the risk of accepting checks with our Merchant Services.  Accept debit and credit cards and receive funds quickly and easier.  Choose from a wide range of full-service bankcard processing alternatives designed to strengthen your customer relationships and improve your profitability.

When you accept credit cards you can:

  • Increase profits for your business
  • Improve customer service
  • Offer significant convenience to your customers
  • Reduce your accounts receivable
  • Decrease operating expenses

Funds Management Services:

Zero-Balance Account Sweep 

Save time and money, while improving cash management with our zero-balance account.  A zero-balance account is a commercial checking account that is automatically maintained at a zero balance or target balance of your choice.  There can be various zero-balance accounts set up for different divisions of the business with a master account. 

Throughout the day, deposits and checks for payment come into the zero-balance accounts.  Funds from the master account are automatically transferred to cover checks drawn on the zero-balance accounts.  At the end of each business day, net balances are automatically transferred back to the master account. 

Line of Credit Sweep

Save time, prevent overdrafts and reduce interest expense with a line of credit sweep.  This is an automated line of credit sweep linked to your commercial checking account.  Funds are moved into your commercial checking account from your commercial line of credit if collected funds do not cover the checks presented.  At the end of the business day, any surplus of collected funds over the checks presented is automatically used to pay down the line of credit. 


Disbursement Services:

Free Business Debit Cards

Instead of writing checks, use your business debit card to deduct business expenses from your F&M Checking Account.  Click here to view our Business Checking options.  

Business Bill Pay

Skip a trip to the bank and pay bills right from the convenience of your office.  Save valuable time and company resources with online Bill Pay!

Wire Transfers

Increase security, reduce errors and make a fast and final payment with F&M Bank’s wire transfer service.  Wire transfers offer safe and secure movement of funds between financial institutions on a real-time basis and with finality of  payment.  With our wire transfer service, you can make a same-day transfer of funds from your account to another financial institution.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination 

Increase efficiency, improve cash flow and reduce costs and risks with ACH origination.  ACH lets you electronically collect and send payments through the ACH network, eliminating checks and streamlining your payment processes.  This product gives you complete control over your cash flow by giving you the ability to  specify the settlement date of payments. 

Other Services:

CDARS - Certificate of Deposit Registry Service

  • Deposit with confidence, FDIC insurance coverage up to $50 million
  • Keep your relationship with F&M Bank, working with our staff to ensure adequate coverage on your deposits. 

ICS- Insured Cash Sweep

  • Millions of dollars in FDIC protection
  • Accessibility to your funds up to six times per month
  • Ability to deposit into the account

Sage Payroll

A preferred partner of F&M Bank, offers a complete payroll solution that streamlines payroll calculations, manages     payroll taxes, and pays employees by check or direct deposit.  In addition, this service provides online payroll, detailed reporting, tax    management, and can be downloaded to your accounting software system. It’s easy to use, cost-effective, and will grow with your business.

To view a demo click here.